Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The News

This post is kind of a random post I don't usually post about things like this but lately for some reason I've been getting up 10 minutes earlier than usual. I don't know why I'm a such a strange child. Anyways every morning when I come down stairs my mom is watching the news. I've never really been the type of person that really watches the news. I usually hear important news from my mom or friends. But now that I've started watching the news I'm aware of how crappy the world is. Here are the things that were this morning:

Harvard student found dead

Toddler rides his bike through moving traffic

Unidentified man jumps off Niagara Falls

Dad puts boy in washing machine

Facebook stocks

Civil Wars in forgien countries(It was really sad to see how poorly people were treated in other couturiers like Africa and other poorer countries.

Some sort of sex scandal (I wasn't really paying attention to that one)

Oh  yes and course Political election updates since the election is so close (October or November)

These are the wonderful things I learned from watching the news for 20 minutes. What a great way to start off my day. Why does the news have to report on all the bad things in the world? I mean yes I get it I should be informed of all the crap going on the world. But why can't I wake in the morning and oh look a litter of puppies was born last night or a school comes together and plants baby trees in a forest that just had a fire. Why can't the news be happy? Why can't the news inspire people to do amazing things for people and except nothing in return? So far all I've been inspired to do is turn off the t.v. I don't care about some celebrity sex scandal or how bad the Facebook stock market is. I just don't understand why this is considered "breaking news". Oh yes people need to know about this right away. I just get so upset sometimes about stupid things that are made into way big of a deal.

So what do you think about what I had to say? Do you agree or disagree?

Well I think that's all I have to say. (I'm sure there will be more for me to say I just gotta study for end of the year tests.) Thank you for listening to me ramble on about The News.

Until next time.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Holy Crap

I have a new shopping. I mean I've ordered things online before like book and stuff but last night I discovered you could order Hot Topic online.....I know I'm late don't judge me. So last night I went to go see Avengers. Omg my new favorite movie it was so badass and just just just amazing!!!!! Omg! I'm not going to tell you guys about it because I don't want to ruin it for the people who haven't seen it yet but you must see it! It will change your way of life. Anyway back to the story. My friend Ana's birthday was yesterday and she comes to school wearing all the presents she got. It was all Avengers stuff. (My favorite was the Captain America bracelet... he's is my favorite Avenger. I even have a shirt with his shield on it like the good little nerd girl I am.) I admittedly start going insane and like flipping out asking wear she got it all. I should of known it was from Hot Topic. So of course I have to figure out a way to have it as soon as possible. (There isn't much I usually get this excited about.) That night Scott was going to take me to see Avengers so I see him at his locker and I like totally flip and tell him we have to go to Hot Topic tonight before the movies cause I had to get a Captain America bracelet to match my shirt. He being the nice, sane guy he is said okay all calmly. So that night we meet at the movies like 2 hours early so we can go to the mall. Of course Hot Topic is on the other side of the mall so we have to walk there which took forever. Then when we finally get there I go over to the bracelets and and it's not there. Which ruined the movie going experience a bit but I got over myself. So when I got home I googled the bracelet to see if I could order it from amazon and it brought me to Hot I found the bracelet and added it to my cart then I saw something I wanted then another thing then another and you probably know what happened after that.

Okay I just reread this post and it's probably one of my more boring posts so if you took the time to read the whole thing....thanks.

So did anyone see The Avengers? If so did you find it as amazing as I did?


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Supermoon 2012

Hey everyone! Not much to say to except I finished Seiure By Kathy Reichs in a little over a day. Yep that was the highlight of my Friday night. But anyways now on to what I wanted to talk about. Today I was on Google and I was looking at the top stories for today and I cam across this article about the super moon. The supermoon is when the moon appear 14% closer and 30% brighter at 11:34p.m May 5th, 2012. This hasn't happened since 1993. So of course being the nerd I am I'm intrigued and I wanted to see it for myself. So it's 11:30 and I head out to my backyard in my Eeyore pj's and  an old sweatshirt. I looked everywhere for the moon and I could not find it so I went out to my front yard and couldn't find it either. I'm pretty mad cause I wanted to take some pictures. So I guess you'll have to settle for pictures I found on Google.

I hope this post didn't bore anyone I just found this interesting and just wondering did anyone see the supermoon tonight?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Foster the People!!!!

*HYPERVENTILATES* I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!(I have to talk in caps cause that's how happy I am) Okay so exactly 10 minutes ago I was sitting on my laptop on Facebook when I was supposed to be doing home work... same old same old. I was scrolling down on my home page and saw Foster the People's page and I figured I'd check it out and see what cities they would be touring in this summer. I read through the list and of course none of the cities were near me -_-. But I asked my Dad anyway. So he says he'll find a city closer to us and he did!!!! HE DID HE DID HE DID!!!! So on June 10th I will be going to see them live! I still can't believe it! Only $35!!! Totally worth all the babysitting.

Okay just in case you read this post and you have no idea who Foster the People is here are some of my favorite songs.

This is my favorite music video of all time! You either will love it or find it the strangest thing you've ever seen. So enjoy!

This next one is also strange.....their known for their strange music videos :)

Their latest Music Video :)

Their album cover :*)
File:Torches foster the people.jpg

Awww they're so cute

So do you know Foster the People?
If so what's your favorite song? (Please don't say Pumped up Kicks...that's their pop song)

Well thanks for listening to me rambling about how happy I was :)