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Hi my name is Caroline and I'm the author of the blog Caroline's Clever Concepts. Of course you probably already knew that. I just turned 14 in April and I'm living the dream. I'm a domo crazed, book lover, tree hugger, nerdy, geeky, girl drummer, all around nice person. I always put others before myself and love love love my friends! I have a Dog(Buffy), Rabbit(Trixie), and a Turtle(Flip-Flop). I am have an amazing boy friend, Cristhian. I'm in a band with my friend, Rihaana, called Apocalyptic Recess. Like us on facebook? www.facebook.com/apocalypticrecess My goal is to read 300 books this year but I don't think I'll make it but you always aim high! I love superheros my favorite probably being Captain America. I like Marvel better than D.C. (If you don't follow comic book or super hero movies you probably don't understand.) I'm a Girl Scout and have been since I was 5. I always take on more than I can handle and always want to help people. I'm in the middle of writing my first novel and my dream is write t.v shows when I grow up. Please enjoy my blog!

Here are some of my favorite things. (PICTURE TIME.)
I love puppies.
My favorite cartoon is Adventure Time.
My favorite show in the whole wide world is Grimm.
But Alphas is a close second.
My favorite food is Mac and Cheese and my favorite drink is Code Red Mnt. Dew.

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