Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have a plan

I've finally come up with an ultimate plan to see all of my favorite bands in concert. All I have to do is go to the UK. So shout out to all my friends in the UK (if I even have any..). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME STAY WITH YOU SO I CAN SEE PEOPLE IN CONCERT. I'LL SLEEP IN A BOX IF I HAVE TO I'M DESPRATE. I'M ON MY KNEES BEGGING YOU!

Here is the list of bands performing in the UK in the year of 2013. Keep in mind these bands are only performing certain places in the US most of which are bars and I can't get into bars unless I’m 17. Sadly I am not 17.
    · Two Door Cinema Club
    · Imagine Dragons
    · Grouplove
    · Walk the Moon
    · Of Monsters and Men
    · fun.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Design

I've decided to change my blog look around because it seems like no one really read my blog anymore.I'm not really quite sure what to put. Any ideas? I also changed the title. Waddya think? If you could please leave any ideas or suggestions you have below the would be awesome!

Now on to the post. This post will be all about music! My favorite thing ever! I'm going to share some of my favorite songs by some of my favorite bands. The idea behind this post is my boy friend's Christmas present i'm making a c.d for him because we listen to the same bands.

Love will save your soul By Grouplove
At the moment this is my favorite song. I don't know what it is but I just can't stop listening to it! It must be Grouplove.

Golden Revolver By San Cisco
I just discovered this band on YouTube and they are amazing! Everyone should really check them out, this is my favorite song of theirs.

Shiver Shiver By Walk the Moon
Walk the Moon's new album is amazing! I just love every song on it. This one isn't my favorite but it is still awesome.
Please comment with ideas for my new blog look or title!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I know i'm a few days late but I would like to do a post of things I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for my health, a house to live in, food, Internet, books, and music.
My Family:
I'm extremely thankful for my family. They can drive me CRAZY but I know I wouldn't be anywhere without them. They support me in everything I do and only want the best for me. I know I can always count on them. They each know how to help me in there own ways. My mom gives me amazing advice, my dad knows how to make me laugh no matter how upset I am, and my sister is always there for me even though we are 7 years apart.

My friends and boyfriend:

My friends. I would be no where without them. Nik, Silas, Brittany, Mercedes, Jill, Jayda, Holly, Tayler (my sister!), and my boyfriend Cristhian. I would be no where without these wonderful people. They except me for who I am and would never do anything to hurt me. I know I can trust them and they know they can trust me. I can always have fun with them no matter where we go.

So what are you thankful for?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Braces and New York

It has been a very busky week for me. Monday we had no school so it wasn't to terribly busy I just did some homework and hung out around the house. Tuesday I had school and Girl Scouts at my house. Wednesday I had school and Band practice. Thursday is when it started to get really busy. Thursday afternoon right after school I had to go get braces. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be I mean of course it still hurts but not as bad as everyone was making it sound. Here's what I look like now with my Braces.

On Friday I had school and then my friend invited me to go to the football game with her. it was a playoff game for my high school team (Go Bulldogs!) and we won! I didn't get home till 11:30 because my friend's mom forgot she had to pick us up. On Saturday I went to New York City! I had to wake up at 4am but it was totally worth it. I went with my best friend Holly and we took a charter bus. On the bus I got to watch Brave (great movie by the way) and it only took us 5 hours to get there. We spent most of our day in Times Square. We went to Toys R Us and rode the Ferris Wheel that was INSIDE the store! We also went to Forever 21. It was 4 floors of clothes!! We also went to the Hershey Store and M&M World. Every store in times square had at least two floors and an escalator. For lunch we went to my favorite place in the world Olive Garden! Except it cost 2x more than it usually does! Oh New York prices. Throughout the day we went to Starbucks at least 4 times because we both had less than 5 hours of sleep. The best part though was that people rent costumes and stood in the street and took pictures with people and then would ask for tips. My friend and I couldn't stop laughing there was at least 20 people dressed as Elmo. Some of the costumes were extremely creepy looking though. Here are some pictures from my trip.

More Lego's!
Toys R Us Ferris Wheel Ticket 

Here are some pictures from Times Square. There's also the Orange Juice bottle I got at Starbucks. It was made our of Happiness and Double Rainbows! I couldn't stop laughing when saw it.

Hope everyone had an amazing week!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Will I ever have a break?

It seems that since school has started I haven't had much time to just lay around the house and be lazy. Don't get me wrong that is probably a very good thing, I just feel over worked and really tired sometimes.

High School, as I've said before, is very challenging. I have to study alot for all my classes ans the home work level is crazy! The work level in class is crazy too. Last week I had to leave early to get 3 teeth pulled at the dentist and I only missed half of a class and I still had 4 pages of work to do as makeup work. Ugh and next Thursday I have to get braces so that probably means I'll miss a day or two of school. :/

There is also some perks to being older and in High School. For example last night I got to hang out with my best friend, who goes to a different school, for 6 hours at the mall! Last year my mom would have never ever even thought of letting me do that. I get to hang out with my friends alot more now and I love getting to do that so if having a crap load of homework every night is the price I have to pay for getting to hang out with my friends. I guess I'll be able to handle it.

 This is my Best Friend Brittany. We spent about 2 hours yesterday in the book store in the mall and she found a mask. We were both reading books because we're broke and can't afford to buy any.

Until next week,
P.S Do you like my new blog look?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Homecoming and More.

Let me start off this post by saying...I AM SO SORRY! I have totally forgotten to post! I'm such a bad blogger! If you're still reading my blog THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU! I didn't realize how much homework you had in High School. Ughhh sooo much!! I'm going to explode! I actually still have some to do but oh well sometimes blogging is more important.

Last post I promised some pictures from Homecoming so here they are!

 Here are all the girls! Just so everyone knows it was freezing outside and all the parents instead on taking hundreds of pictures...
 We finally complained enough so they let us go's the whole group!
 That's me :) You can't really see my full dress though :/
Here's me and Silas. He came with me as a friend :).
There's alot more pictures but I don't want to put to many on.
At the moment everyone, including my family, is getting ready for this huge storm that's supposed to hit tonight or tomorrow. My family went out yesterday and bought water and food, hopefully our power doesn't go out, and today my mom took me and my sister to the library so we would have plenty to do if school got canceled. I'm really hoping they cancel school because i have two huge tests this week and it would be nice to have a little more time to study.
That's all for now but I promise I will post at least once a week from now on!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spirit Week

This week has been pretty awesome. So in high school the week leading up to homecoming is spirit week. For lower class men on Monday it was Sweats and Slippers day, Tuesday was Twin Tuesday, yesterday was Wacky Wednesday, and today was Character Day. Tayler and I did Spirit Day everyday this week but sadly not very many freshmen did so we are in last place in the Spirit Contest...we're even behind the teachers. Here are some pictures from this week.

Twin Day with Tayler. Aww aren't we cute. ;)
Jayda and I on Wacky Wednesday.
Tayler and I on Wacky Wednesday.
Tayler and I on Character Day.
Holly and I on Character Day.
Today for Character Day I was Captain America because he's my favorite superhero. I made my own outfit custom complete with a shield made out of paper and sharpies. Sadly some girl was also dressed as Captain America and she bought her custom and totally showed me up. :( Oh well I got lots of complements on how creative I was. I wore gray Uggs, my Captain America shield shirt, jeans, a red jacket, and a blue ribbon in my hair. :) It took me an hour to make the shield and it turned out really well, I'm glad cause I usually have zero artistic talent. I'm super excited for tonight because it's a bon fire at my school. Then tomorrow is the big homecoming game and parade! Then on Saturday Homecoming!! I'll do a homecoming post next week or this weekend.
Until Next Time

Monday, October 1, 2012

Falling in to Fall

It is finally starting to feel like fall. I love fall. I love the leaves and that I get to wear hoodies. I love just bringing a book outside and sitting under the tree in my front yard and reading. This year fall also comes with high school football games and homecoming. :)
I'm finally used to high school. I'm used to the crowded hall ways and the cranky teachers. I'm getting there with the crazy amounts of homework, that might take a little while longer though. I'm done with all the drama finally and have made a ton of new friends. I can cross that off my list now. I'm feeling much better about overall life now.
Last week I got my first smart phone. I feel so special. It's an Android 4 and it's so awesome I love it. I also got an instagram so if you have one and would like me to follow you just leave your user name in the comments below. :)
Yesterday I went shopping and got my dress for homecoming! I can't wait for homecoming! I'm going with my best guy friend Silas so it should be fun. I got a black dress and heels. :o They're my first pair of heels so I'm going to have to practice walking in them so I don't trip more than usual.
Here's a picture of my dress.

 I really like the way the mirrors look in the background so you can see the back of my dress too. You can also see my domo socks xD.
Hope everyone has a great week and survived Monday. :D

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have a really bad habit.Yes I procrastinate. I'm actually doing it right now. I'm supposed to be working on a English project and doing my science homework. I have 4 science worksheets due tomorrow. But instead I'm on tumblr, listening to music, writing my novel, video chatting with people, and texting. 
I really should get started because I have some sort of meeting at my school in less than an hour. My Dad signed me up for some club/organization thing at my school without telling me. Thanks Dad -_-. Oh well he says it will look good on my College Applications. I still can't believe this time in 3 or 4 years I'll be applying for colleges. Wow. Where has my life gone? It feels like just yesterday I was the scared little 6th grader walking into my first day of middle school. Now I have to start thinking about college and what career I want.
I think in my next post I'm going to share my English Project on what my life will be like in 10 years or talk about my new English Project on Greek Gods, Goddess, and Hero's.(My English teacher is obsessed with projects :p). I haven't decided yet.
To end this post I'm going to share a video by one of my favorite people in YouTube. Danisnotonfire. It's called How to Procrastinate like a pro. Enjoy. :)

P.S  Has anyone read the Lorien Legacies? I'm almost done with the latest one and it is amazing!! If you haven't read them they're a must read. The movie sucked so don't use that as a reference to the books.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


No matter who you are or what you do there will always be change. Change is happening around you everyday. The weather is changing, moods are changing, but I think the worst thing is when some one you are really close to changes.

Everyone warned me that people change in High School but being me I didn't listen. I kind of wish I had listened now because this week has been full of changes.

I'll start with the good ones. I met lots of new friends! I also like 6 out of my 7 teachers. (Spanish will be the death of me!) The last good thing is I've gotten used to getting up early.

Now here are the bad things. My boyfriend turned into a jerk then broke up with me. Then me and my best friend got into a fight. Now to top all of that off I'm sick. -_- Yayy. Oh well I'm glad my boy friend broke up with me, if your gonna be a jerk then thanks for saving me from breaking up with you. So at the moment High School isn't going the way I want it to.....but it can't get worse? I hope. This week has made me realize who my true friends are. I guess that's a good thing.

So I know most of you don't care about all of this but I made this blog for me and I just really need to get some of this off my chest before I explode.Thank you for reading this...if you actually made it down this far. I really appreciate all the people that read about my life..I know it isn't that interesting.

Longer post soon...hopefully. This one is short...I just needed to get this out of my head for a while.
Single and Ready to Mingle ;)~Caroline.

Kingsley gets me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Week of High School

Well I didn't die (yet). Yay? Haha anyways today was a good day, finally! Tuesday and Wednesday weren't the best.
This is how I felt the first two days of school:
and this is how I feel now:

It didn't help my sadness that I had P.e first period. Bleh. But that got changed cause they put me in the wrong band class yay! Now I have P.e second period, not much of an improvement but I'll have to do. Sadly I don't have any classes with my boy friend :'( not even lunch. So today when I saw him in the hallway my hand had a mini spasm waving to him. Oh yes I'm a cool kid. ;)

I didn't get any classes with my 2 best friends and my other best friend goes to a different high school either. :( But I have lunch on odd days with my 2 best friends. Yay! I also made two news friends! They both have math and lunch with me on even days. So that's cool.

I also have 2 Seniors, 2 Juniors, and 6 Freshman in my band class. One of the Juniors is a girl so I'm not the only girl percussionist anymore! Yeaaa! My band teacher is awesomeeeeeeeee. With that many e's.

I also am in two Pre-Ap classes. I'm not the smartest person around so that's a big deal for me. My two pre-ap teachers are also really nice.

So at the moment I am feeling pretty good. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good as today. Heck maybe it'll be even better. Hence the Harry Potter gif. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and proud of it.

I hope everyone had an awesome first week of school and if you've already been in school for awhile, I hope it's going well. Now it's time for me to go eat dinner. :) My lunch is at 10:30 on odd days and 12:30 on even days. So I didn't eat..I know, I know bad Caroline. I'll get used to the lunches eventually.

^---This is what I look like when I'm waiting for
dinner to be ready. I have a dance and everything

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Year~New Goals

So countdown begins, I'm less than a week away from school. I guess that means no more long summer days of just being lazy. No more traveling or hanging out with friends whenever I want to. No more sleeping in :(, that's the worst one of all. But it's time to face the facts. I have to go back to school. I have to, there's no going around it. I need to get over it and get out of the house, that's pretty much all I've done for the past week is stay in the house, and do something. So I have decided to make myself a list of goals for this year. I'm going to tape it by my bed and every time I do one of them I'll cross it out.

List of Goals for the 2012~2013 School Year 
Try out for a sport
Make new friends
Be more athletic
Get in shape
Get more sleep
Be a better morning person
Write more
Pay attention in class
Gets honer roll all year (A's and B's)
Practice music more
All of these might not get done and I might add more, I guess it just depends on how the year goes. For my sport I'm thinking of trying out for crew(I just need to find someone to try out with me). Making new friends should be the easiest thing on the list. Being a better morning person should be the hardest.
I'm pretty much ready for the school year. I got a backpack off of Ebay and it looks like this.....

I still need to get my school supplies but we don't get the list until the first day. Freshmen orientation is on Thursday so I'm hoping I'll feel better after I go to that. They're giving us a tour of the school and our classes, yay! I also get to see my friends. :)
To end this post I'm going to share something I found on tumblr. I know, I know I have a Tumblr problem.
Back to school (Avengers addition)
Waking up:
Walking in school:
Seeing all your friends:
Seeing all your enemies:
Seeing whose in your homeroom:
Hearing about the new hot kid:
Sitting through all your classes:
Dealing with everyone for the rest of the year:

Yep that's pretty much how I feel. Only on Tumblr. Hope everyone has a great last week of summer and if your already in school just think of it this way. You get out of school sooner.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Banana Lime Smothies

I'm going to try something I've never done. A recipe post. If you like it, and want me to do more, please comment below.

Today I made a smoothie out of just random stuff around my house. I found some bananas and limeade in the fridge, I also added vanilla yogurt.  It was really simple to make and it turned out to be really good.
You take two banana's and put them in the blender. Then you add two cups of vanilla yogurt. Lastly you add a bit of lime. (I used limeade but you could add anything citrus in it's place and I'm sure it would taste fine.) Then you just blend it all together. That's pretty much it, like I said simple.
Here's how it turned out!
I hope everyone can try it! Have any of you made really good smothies before?
Until next time!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Caroline's Crazy Adventure Part 1

I just got home from what felt like the longest 4 days of my life. Let me start from the beginning.

Day 1: I wake up to my mom yelling at my sister to pack and my dad poking me on my shoulder asking where his brown shoes are. I get up, take a quick shower and begin to pack. I thought I had packed everything, I even double checked this time. I had a book, my kindle, my ipod, my phone, a journal, and even a back up book packed in my favorite little backpack, I was ready. It turns out I wasn't though. I listen to my ipod for a few hours and decided I should take out my contacts next time we stop so I could take a nap. Turns out I had not only forgotten my glasses, but also my ipod charger. At that point it was 11p.m and I was really tired and just wanted to get to the hotel. My sister had been in a bad mood all day and really bugging me. So I decided to ignore her when she started saying she had a nose bleed. I thought she was trying to be funny. So finally after a good 10 minutes I finally look over and there was blood every where. I mean everywhere. So my girl scout instincts kick in and I look around for napkins or tissues. When I finally found some and had her leaning her head back there was blood all over me and the back seat. I'm really bad about blood so I was freaking out and my sister was freaking out and of course at that moment my mom realizes she forgot all our dresses for the wedding and she starts freaking out. Yes, that was fun. That went on for about 20 minutes until my dad finally decided to stop at a hotel for the night.
Total hours of driving:9
Miles driven: about 500
Day 2: I don't sleep well in hotels so I got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep. My dad woke me up at 4 and wanted everyone up and out in 10 minutes. After stumbling around for 2 of those minutes trying to find my glasses, I realized oh wait that's right I forgot them. I quickly got ready and ran out the door at the last minute. The car was already running and everyone was inside. Not much happened until my mom decided that we should go shopping, right at that moment. After 3 hours of not finding anything we got back in the car and drove without stopping until we finally made it to our destination. After checking into the hotel everyone took showers and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. (It was for my uncle's wedding.) It turns out the rehearsal dinner was at a bar and I was one of the only kids there. There was only 8 kids and I was the oldest. So I ended up watching the kids while everyone got way to many drinks. That was fun. That all lasted for about 3 hours until my dad decided he had had enough of talking with people and we went back to our hotel room. I passed out as soon as lied down.
Total hours of driving: 10
Miles driven about: 700
Like I said I'm extremely tired so I'm heading to bed. I'll post the rest some time this week.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The sadest thing I have even seen on tumblr.

*This post may contain dramatic images that are not suitable for young children. Viewer digression is advised.*

This post is spread awareness of the saddest thing I have ever seen on Tumblr. No, not of a kid who has cancer or me losing all of my followers. It's a picture of this poor little dinosaur and his heart breaking story. (This story was written in the comments of this picture, by many of Tumblr's finest anonymous authors. Enjoy.)

No, it’s fine. I didn’t need my heart.

Are we crying about a doodle of dinosaurs?


Welcome to Tumblr

Oh god it hurts why would you ever

The meteor was coming.

Oh, God, it was coming and she didn’t know what to do. Her son, her beautiful little son, pressed
close to her side, craning his neck to look up at his Mother.

“Mummy, why is everyone moving? There’s plenty of food here.” He asked in his sweet, innocent voice.

“Because, my sweet, sometimes it is best that we move on. It is our way.” She replied, forcing the words past the lump in her throat.

“Oh,” Her son said, turning his gaze to the fiery rock in the sky that would spell their deaths out for them, “the old Triceratops told me it was cuzza that rock. He said the rock could hurt us real bad.” He continued, not understanding what he meant by those words in his innocence.

“Triceratops is being silly, he just wanted to tease you one more time before he left.” She lied, choking on her tears. Oh, God, he son, her lovely son, was going to die not understanding.


She turned her face to the meteor- it was close now. It wouldn’t be long. Swinging her head around, she dropped her face to her sons and nuzzled him one last time. “Let’s play a game, yes? And then we’ll go join the others.” She suggested.

“Okay! What game shall we play, Mummy?”

“Let’s play pretend. We will imagine the sort of place we would like to move to, and when we open our eyes, that’s where we shall be.”

“How do we play?”

One last look at the meteor- it was almost time.

“Close your eyes and imagine the place, and count to thirty out loud. Just like when we play Hide-and-Seek.” She curled herself around her son, both of them now laid on the beach.

“Ok, Mummy. 1, 2, 3, 4…”

She watched the meteor approach with sad eyes, and just before it hit land she turned her head, laying it and her neck over her son and bracing herself.

Her son had not yet said 30, but it was over.

-excuse me while I sob-


Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm One!

On this day, one year ago I decided to start a blog. I had had other blogs before but I felt like this one would be my best and it was! Here I am a year later with 56 followers and a whole bunch of new friends.

I've ment tons of people through blogging who are super nice. It's been an amzing experience. I'm going to do that same thing Beth did with her blog. Show my stats.

This year I have gotten 4,196 pageviews.

My most popular post was Hufflepuff.

My most popular page is Escape.

The country with the most people who read my blog is the Untied States. Secound is United Kingdom.

I have goten 229 commonts.

This will be my 57 blog post.

Cheers to the next year! Hopfully it will be just as good as this one. I'd like to thank all of my followers who have been with me since the beginning and say welcome to the ones who have just joined.