Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have a really bad habit.Yes I procrastinate. I'm actually doing it right now. I'm supposed to be working on a English project and doing my science homework. I have 4 science worksheets due tomorrow. But instead I'm on tumblr, listening to music, writing my novel, video chatting with people, and texting. 
I really should get started because I have some sort of meeting at my school in less than an hour. My Dad signed me up for some club/organization thing at my school without telling me. Thanks Dad -_-. Oh well he says it will look good on my College Applications. I still can't believe this time in 3 or 4 years I'll be applying for colleges. Wow. Where has my life gone? It feels like just yesterday I was the scared little 6th grader walking into my first day of middle school. Now I have to start thinking about college and what career I want.
I think in my next post I'm going to share my English Project on what my life will be like in 10 years or talk about my new English Project on Greek Gods, Goddess, and Hero's.(My English teacher is obsessed with projects :p). I haven't decided yet.
To end this post I'm going to share a video by one of my favorite people in YouTube. Danisnotonfire. It's called How to Procrastinate like a pro. Enjoy. :)

P.S  Has anyone read the Lorien Legacies? I'm almost done with the latest one and it is amazing!! If you haven't read them they're a must read. The movie sucked so don't use that as a reference to the books.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


No matter who you are or what you do there will always be change. Change is happening around you everyday. The weather is changing, moods are changing, but I think the worst thing is when some one you are really close to changes.

Everyone warned me that people change in High School but being me I didn't listen. I kind of wish I had listened now because this week has been full of changes.

I'll start with the good ones. I met lots of new friends! I also like 6 out of my 7 teachers. (Spanish will be the death of me!) The last good thing is I've gotten used to getting up early.

Now here are the bad things. My boyfriend turned into a jerk then broke up with me. Then me and my best friend got into a fight. Now to top all of that off I'm sick. -_- Yayy. Oh well I'm glad my boy friend broke up with me, if your gonna be a jerk then thanks for saving me from breaking up with you. So at the moment High School isn't going the way I want it to.....but it can't get worse? I hope. This week has made me realize who my true friends are. I guess that's a good thing.

So I know most of you don't care about all of this but I made this blog for me and I just really need to get some of this off my chest before I explode.Thank you for reading this...if you actually made it down this far. I really appreciate all the people that read about my life..I know it isn't that interesting.

Longer post soon...hopefully. This one is short...I just needed to get this out of my head for a while.
Single and Ready to Mingle ;)~Caroline.

Kingsley gets me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Week of High School

Well I didn't die (yet). Yay? Haha anyways today was a good day, finally! Tuesday and Wednesday weren't the best.
This is how I felt the first two days of school:
and this is how I feel now:

It didn't help my sadness that I had P.e first period. Bleh. But that got changed cause they put me in the wrong band class yay! Now I have P.e second period, not much of an improvement but I'll have to do. Sadly I don't have any classes with my boy friend :'( not even lunch. So today when I saw him in the hallway my hand had a mini spasm waving to him. Oh yes I'm a cool kid. ;)

I didn't get any classes with my 2 best friends and my other best friend goes to a different high school either. :( But I have lunch on odd days with my 2 best friends. Yay! I also made two news friends! They both have math and lunch with me on even days. So that's cool.

I also have 2 Seniors, 2 Juniors, and 6 Freshman in my band class. One of the Juniors is a girl so I'm not the only girl percussionist anymore! Yeaaa! My band teacher is awesomeeeeeeeee. With that many e's.

I also am in two Pre-Ap classes. I'm not the smartest person around so that's a big deal for me. My two pre-ap teachers are also really nice.

So at the moment I am feeling pretty good. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good as today. Heck maybe it'll be even better. Hence the Harry Potter gif. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and proud of it.

I hope everyone had an awesome first week of school and if you've already been in school for awhile, I hope it's going well. Now it's time for me to go eat dinner. :) My lunch is at 10:30 on odd days and 12:30 on even days. So I didn't eat..I know, I know bad Caroline. I'll get used to the lunches eventually.

^---This is what I look like when I'm waiting for
dinner to be ready. I have a dance and everything