Friday, September 23, 2011

The I'm With The Band Collection!

The I'm With The Band Collection!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High"Golden Classic Women's 2219_kellygreen ""Savvy Jelly"" Rhinestone Kelly Green Silicone Watch"Black Patent Camera Shape BagThin Banded FedoraHottopic - Search Results for green day

I love, love, and love this whole collection! There were short shorts but I didn't like them so i left them out but I will post them below. I would probably replace them with jeans.
Incede Cargo Shorts W/Suspender

Here are the Prices:
  1. Green Day Shirt $20
  2. Shorts $37
  3. Converse $45
  4. Camera Bag $60 (I'm probably going to leave this out cause it is way to pricey)
  5. Watch $20
  6. Hat $11
All together the price would be $133 without the bag, with the bag it would be $193.


  1. I LOVE the shorts! Very fashionable but I think only someone tall could pull it off.. I'm not a fan of the watch mainly because I'm just not a watch person.. and I don't like wearing hats.. idk why but I hate fedoras.
    Nice post! My favorite item is the shorts and the camera bag:)

  2. Love the fedora :P Always been the waistcoat, hat and skinny jeans type of person :D The converse are pretty awesome as well, but that goes without saying ;)