Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well this week has SUCKED with a capital S!!! First off it has rain non stop since LAST FRIDAY!!!! Like non stop there flooding and it's just plain depressing! Second off everyone at my school is sick including meh!!! Eww i hat ebeing sick i have a cold and it's bothering meee!! I went to the nurse and all she did was give me water!!! >:( Man but my mom keeps making me go to school!! I hope i feel better tommow. Well ta ta for now bloging world I will post again soon hopfully as a healthy Caroline!!!


  1. I love rain :) I had a cold yesterday but its going away pretty quickly so I'm happy. Drink lots of OJ and eat soup- suck on cold-ese and blow your nose lots. Dont read books, drink a lot of water and dont listen to music. Feel better soon!

  2. I've got to love rain...don't have much choice living in Scotland :/