Saturday, April 21, 2012


Finally Pottermore is available! I've been waiting since last summer, when I first found out about it. My cousin told me they were going to let a few people in for an early screening in October and I should look up the details so what do I do? I completely forget about it until late November and I see my friend's facebook status "I got my email from Pottermore!!!!!! I get to do the early screening." Sigh Caroline will you ever learn.....write everything important down on your hand! Well after waiting 6 more months Pottermore was finally open. Trust me it was worth the wait! It's amazing! Of course I had to find out about it on a school night but I wouldn't let myself go to bed until I got to the chapter that sorted me into my house. Finally after about an hour of playing (it takes me forever to figure out video games XD) I had arrived at Chapter 7. I quickly took the quiz and I got....Hufflepuff.

The first thought that entered my head was this youtube video.

I was hoping for Ravenclaw or Gryffindor and kind of sad about being a Hufflepuff  but after I read the letter that came with the quiz I was like yeaaa Hufflepuff all day! I found a Tumblr picture that described how I felt perfectly.

Hufflepuff also has a badger as it's animal and let's face it honey badgers are pretty badass ;).
So right now I feel pretty awesome about being a Hufflepuff and I don't know why I was upset about it in the first place.

So do any of you have Pottermore? If you do add me....BronzeUnicorn9673.
Also what house did you guys get?



  1. Haha, I love that video! I'm a Ravenclaw, yay! Hufflepuff is great too :) I love the welcome messages, don't you? My name is GobeltSparks18633, add me!

  2. Great house! I think everyone underestimates Hufflepuff! I'm a Ravenclaw like Cliona, yay! My name is DreamNimbus1728 :D

  3. I always thought I was a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw. When I tried it out, I found out that I was a Gryffindor! I will be sure to add you! Here's my username: QuestSeer17302 :)
    Please tell me you are also terrible at potions!

  4. MoonstoneMist6504 :D I'm a Slytherin.

  5. Ugh I got into Hufflepuff to and I screamed cuz their.. hufflepuff
    All my friends are in Slytherin but yeah I don't play pottermore anyways im not a harry potter fan :L

  6. @Cliona I'll be sure to add you:)
    @Rachel Yea I know I did but i'm loving it so far:)
    @Nicole Nice Grffindor! Lol I'm also terrible at potions
    @Jenni I knew I wouldn't get Slytherin i'm way to nice ;P
    @Lily House Buddies! *High Five*

  7. Nice blog you have here! Very clever ;) Im in raven claw. Pretty cool ;) Im like Glowqueen14117 or something like that! Can you check out
    and follow? Maybe? I'm just clicking the follow button right now! Thamnks xx

  8. @Litte Miss Gerorgia Thanks so much for following! I'll head over to your blog and follow you right now:)