Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ekkkkk! Big Bang Theory!!!

I know I've already posted this week but I just had to share this! So I'm sure you all know Valentines Day is coming up and I wanted to get a good gift for my boy friend since it was our first valentines day together. Any who I thought about what to get him for a longgggg time and finally I thought of something. Both of us love The Big Bang Theory so I googled Big Bang Theory shirts and so much came up! I looked through and found a shirt that had his two favorite colors and said Bazinga (which if you watch the show would know that's Sheldon's catch phrase). I also found a soft kitty, warm kitty t-shirt for myself(that's the song Sheldon's mother sang to him when he was little and now every time he is sick someone has to sing it to him) because it was buy one get one free. I got super lucky! So here are pictures of the two t-shirts

The T-Shirt for Scott (duh)

My Shirt (I lovee it)

So do you guys have any plans for Valentines Day? Anyone special? ;)



  1. i dont watch the big bang theory but these shirts are amazingg! 'specially the 2nd one ;)

    rose <3 (:

  2. i love the big bang theory, it is the best thing on tv! i love your shirt too! :D

  3. the big bang theory is one of my favourite t.v. shows!! (: I have a Flash T-shirt!