Saturday, January 28, 2012

A post about nothing.....

I couldn't think of a name for this post so i'm just going to call it a post about nothing..... So anyways this week has been really busy for me. Monday:2 hour delay because of snow so my school day was really messed up. Tuesday: Tons of homework because of the 2 hour delay and Girl Scouts meeting we are planing a dance/party for the younger scouts Wednesday:more homework and band rehearsal for the band my friend and I are starting. Thursday:Helped out my little sister girl scout troop and helped them bridge from a brownie to a Daisy. Her leader gave me 2 awesome notebooks and gel pens! I'll post pictures at the bottom. Friday:Had a really stupid pep rally about bullying I mean I feel strongly about bullying but the way they presented it was horrible! They let the step team host it and most of the people on the step team are bully's and they were up there crying into the microphone talking about how they had been bullied. This really upset me because one of my close friends was bullied last by them. Then after the pep rally everyone was crying because they were remembering times they had been bullied. It was a disaster! I mean I was bullied alot in 5th grade (Lily was one of the only two people who would talk to me) but I wasn't crying or caring on about it. At least I got to go to Scott's house with alot of friends or my day would have completely sucked.


First Picture: One of the 2 notebooks I got from my little sister's girl scout leader!

Secound Picture: A Hunger Games magazine that I got...and love!

Third Picture: Harry Potter UNO!!!!!!

Fourth Picture: The other notebook I got (my favorite)

Fifth Picture: A really cool picture I saw at Ikea and fell in love with!

I also got gel pens!

This is all the stuff I got this week! Dang I usally don't get anything but since it was my sister's birthday this week my parents were in a giving mood.

So how was everyone's week? Did you guys get anything awsome?



  1. Lucky you! Cute notebooks, have you seen Breakfast At Tiffany's? I love that movie! And omg the Paris notebook! Its my DREAM to go there!!
    I saw those notebooks at Target, I was going to get the Paris one, but I never did.
    And yeah 5th grade was... drama filled!

  2. I haven't seen Breakfast at Tiffany's but I want too! Oh yes 5th grade..... and I love the Paris notebook but don't know what to do with it!!

  3. Lucky you! Those notebooks are absolutely adorable though. Just amazing. :)
    And I am so psyched for The Hunger Games movie!

  4. Same about the notebooks and Hunger Games movie! The magazine is soo good!

  5. Now I know what the magazine looks like so I can buy it, haha.
    You could make the Paris notebook into a Journal.. I started writing one but its nothing big. Or a bucket list or something. Idk.
    Do you talk to/have you heard from Becca Bednar? I don't remember who told me.. I think Amy Ha that they hated it wherever they moved- Utah or something.

  6. Yea mabey i'll turn into a joournal or somthing...but I heard Becca moved to Utah but then moved back but I really have no idea and honestly not to be mean but I really don't car either...

  7. That notebook is very cute! It always seems to go that way. I mean about the bully thing. Several times I've seen bullies talk about how they've been bullied, so I give them the benefit of the doubt and say that's probably why they bully. Not that that's an excuse or anything. I love the Hunger Games! I was SO excited about going to the premier until I found out that I will be on vacation in Europe at that time, so I won't get to see it until I come back! :( Great post!

  8. Lovely stuff :) I didn't get anything this week, but I've read some AMAZING books, so doesn't that count in a way, hehe :D

  9. @Devin I can't wait for the Hunger Games either!

    @Rachel Books defintly count!!