Saturday, June 16, 2012

Busy Bee

Hello my lovely followers! I'm sorry I meant to post earlier this week but I've been so busy. Sunday night was the Foster the People concert. Monday was an award ceremony thing for school. Tuesday was another thing for school. Wednesday was band practice (My band has there first gig on Friday so nervous :)). Thursday was the school dance(Fun night I got flowers and everything) and last night was my very late birthday/end of the year party. So yes very busy and to top it off I've been fighting a cold all week and it finally caught up with me today. So I got to spend my first day of summer sick. Oh well I caught up on sleep. Anyways this post is going to be full of pictures.
The first ones are of the Foster the People Concert. My friend and I got a little excited and I took about a 100 pictures so I'm only going to post my favorites.

This is my best friend Rihaana. She's who I went to the concert with and these are the shirts we got. I love them soo much!

I love love love this picture! He is such a talented drummer!

There was this cool face that kept changing throughout the whole concert. It smiled, winked, frowned, laughed, and alot other faces. It was awesome.

Here he is singing.

Here's the whole band walking off stage.

Next here are some pictures from my award ceremony, dance, and other things that happened this week. My friend Tayler took about 300 pictures of all of us this week since were all going to different schools next year.

This is Me, Scott, Josh, Rihaana, and Tayler at the award ceremony thing on Monday.

This is Me, Brittany, and Tayler on the last day of school. Love this picture.

 Me and Rihaana before the dance. Both of our mom's wanted pictures. They took way to many it took forever.

Me and Scott were slow dancing and everyone decided to take pictures. I still like this picture even though I look like crap.

I love my face in this picture every time I look at it I laugh. I was sick and brought Gatorade to school and Josh was thirsty and decided to take it and I told him find go ahead and get sick. So that's why I made the weird face.

I'm sorry I put up so many pictures and thank you if you actually read this whole post. I promise the next post will be more interesting.

Until the pig flys.


  1. ahhw, your friends look dead nice (: love the photo of you and your friend Rhianna before the dance - you both look so pretty! do you live in America? just wondering, because us Scottish folk aren't on holiday for another week and a half!! ta for the comment on my latest story, by the way (:

  2. @Rose Yea I live in America. Our 3 month summer break just started.

  3. Love the photos - you look like you're having fun! I love your dresses! :D

  4. Love your dress its sooo pretty! I can't belive you saw Foster the people..your soooo lucky!!!