Monday, October 1, 2012

Falling in to Fall

It is finally starting to feel like fall. I love fall. I love the leaves and that I get to wear hoodies. I love just bringing a book outside and sitting under the tree in my front yard and reading. This year fall also comes with high school football games and homecoming. :)
I'm finally used to high school. I'm used to the crowded hall ways and the cranky teachers. I'm getting there with the crazy amounts of homework, that might take a little while longer though. I'm done with all the drama finally and have made a ton of new friends. I can cross that off my list now. I'm feeling much better about overall life now.
Last week I got my first smart phone. I feel so special. It's an Android 4 and it's so awesome I love it. I also got an instagram so if you have one and would like me to follow you just leave your user name in the comments below. :)
Yesterday I went shopping and got my dress for homecoming! I can't wait for homecoming! I'm going with my best guy friend Silas so it should be fun. I got a black dress and heels. :o They're my first pair of heels so I'm going to have to practice walking in them so I don't trip more than usual.
Here's a picture of my dress.

 I really like the way the mirrors look in the background so you can see the back of my dress too. You can also see my domo socks xD.
Hope everyone has a great week and survived Monday. :D


  1. Wow! Love the dress and your seriously pretty....:D


  2. I am so excited for homecoming and it will be the first proper dance I will go to! And I am nervous because it will be the first time I'm wearing heels and they are really tall and skinny :/ Your dress is really pretty, and I think I'm more excited to wear my outfit than the actual dance haha. THIS IS SO EXCITING!

    1. It really is very exciting! Yea i'm nervous about wearing heels too. :/ It's going to be awesome. :)

  3. Lovely dress! My friends are trying to convince me to go to the Chrimble dance at our school, and I have said yes (with extreme reluctance) because they outnumbered me, three to one. Our school dance is nasty, because we have to do "social dancing". Which basically means we have to dance with very many sweaty-palmed boys *shudder* whom we do not like because most of them are annoying and small. Poo. Ah well. I really hope you have a great time at Homecoming! :D

  4. It sounds a bit like homecoming but we don't have to dance with the guys but we usally end up anyway. XD I'm glad I'm not going with a date date and only a friend. Alot less pressure. :P