Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spirit Week

This week has been pretty awesome. So in high school the week leading up to homecoming is spirit week. For lower class men on Monday it was Sweats and Slippers day, Tuesday was Twin Tuesday, yesterday was Wacky Wednesday, and today was Character Day. Tayler and I did Spirit Day everyday this week but sadly not very many freshmen did so we are in last place in the Spirit Contest...we're even behind the teachers. Here are some pictures from this week.

Twin Day with Tayler. Aww aren't we cute. ;)
Jayda and I on Wacky Wednesday.
Tayler and I on Wacky Wednesday.
Tayler and I on Character Day.
Holly and I on Character Day.
Today for Character Day I was Captain America because he's my favorite superhero. I made my own outfit custom complete with a shield made out of paper and sharpies. Sadly some girl was also dressed as Captain America and she bought her custom and totally showed me up. :( Oh well I got lots of complements on how creative I was. I wore gray Uggs, my Captain America shield shirt, jeans, a red jacket, and a blue ribbon in my hair. :) It took me an hour to make the shield and it turned out really well, I'm glad cause I usually have zero artistic talent. I'm super excited for tonight because it's a bon fire at my school. Then tomorrow is the big homecoming game and parade! Then on Saturday Homecoming!! I'll do a homecoming post next week or this weekend.
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  1. Omg where did you get that skirt you wore on Wacky Wednesday?? Oh, and by the way, I'm a new blogger, would you mind checking out my blog and telling me what you think?

  2. Wow! American schools sure do some cool stuff. I love EVERYONE'S outfits on Wacky Wednesday. They all look fab! And, uhm, actually kind of like what I wear normally. Which probably shows something (bad) about me, but I can't quite place what.

    Ours is next week, and I am psyched. It's stupid though, since we can't do slipper day BECAUSE IT'S AGAINST THE DRESS CODE.
    Anyway, excuse me and my complaints. I'm still kind of upset about this new rule. ._.