Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm One!

On this day, one year ago I decided to start a blog. I had had other blogs before but I felt like this one would be my best and it was! Here I am a year later with 56 followers and a whole bunch of new friends.

I've ment tons of people through blogging who are super nice. It's been an amzing experience. I'm going to do that same thing Beth did with her blog. Show my stats.

This year I have gotten 4,196 pageviews.

My most popular post was Hufflepuff.

My most popular page is Escape.

The country with the most people who read my blog is the Untied States. Secound is United Kingdom.

I have goten 229 commonts.

This will be my 57 blog post.

Cheers to the next year! Hopfully it will be just as good as this one. I'd like to thank all of my followers who have been with me since the beginning and say welcome to the ones who have just joined.



  1. Congrats on your blogaversary! I love your blog so I hope you can celebrate another aniversary for many years to come!!! :)



  3. Congratulations! Keep this blog going- it's a really good blog!

  4. One year! Congrats! Anyways mdear, I'm dropping by the blogs of everyone who entered my comp to ask: if you were a runner up and had to choose between receiving a fashion design (clothes and jewellery) or a hair+makeup design (hair, makeup and jewellery) as part of your prize, which would you choose? Note: this does not mean you are a runner up, as the comp has not been judged yet, it is just theoretical!
    Please email me at
    Thanks, Emily xx