Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Year~New Goals

So countdown begins, I'm less than a week away from school. I guess that means no more long summer days of just being lazy. No more traveling or hanging out with friends whenever I want to. No more sleeping in :(, that's the worst one of all. But it's time to face the facts. I have to go back to school. I have to, there's no going around it. I need to get over it and get out of the house, that's pretty much all I've done for the past week is stay in the house, and do something. So I have decided to make myself a list of goals for this year. I'm going to tape it by my bed and every time I do one of them I'll cross it out.

List of Goals for the 2012~2013 School Year 
Try out for a sport
Make new friends
Be more athletic
Get in shape
Get more sleep
Be a better morning person
Write more
Pay attention in class
Gets honer roll all year (A's and B's)
Practice music more
All of these might not get done and I might add more, I guess it just depends on how the year goes. For my sport I'm thinking of trying out for crew(I just need to find someone to try out with me). Making new friends should be the easiest thing on the list. Being a better morning person should be the hardest.
I'm pretty much ready for the school year. I got a backpack off of Ebay and it looks like this.....

I still need to get my school supplies but we don't get the list until the first day. Freshmen orientation is on Thursday so I'm hoping I'll feel better after I go to that. They're giving us a tour of the school and our classes, yay! I also get to see my friends. :)
To end this post I'm going to share something I found on tumblr. I know, I know I have a Tumblr problem.
Back to school (Avengers addition)
Waking up:
Walking in school:
Seeing all your friends:
Seeing all your enemies:
Seeing whose in your homeroom:
Hearing about the new hot kid:
Sitting through all your classes:
Dealing with everyone for the rest of the year:

Yep that's pretty much how I feel. Only on Tumblr. Hope everyone has a great last week of summer and if your already in school just think of it this way. You get out of school sooner.



  1. Haha! I loved your way of describing the first day of school! It's so accurate!
    I love your backpack. :)

  2. Very vintage backpack!
    I am using a tote bag, since I will never be using my locker.
    I am doing crew this year with my friend. Everyone says its really intense! Since me and my friend are small we are hoping to be coxswains!
    I just know I will get lost and thats what scares me the most about highschool.

    I love that thing from tumblr (:

    1. Ikr gotta love tumblr ;). I'm also thinking about trying out for feild hocky cause they need more players.

    2. OMG all of my brothers friends are telling me I should do Field Hockey and I'm like "STOP, IM DOING CREW, OK?" Lots of people say its a cult, but yanno whatevs haha!

  3. I love tumblr & GIFs :O
    And nice backpack, nobody in my school wears them. It's all messenger bags and satchels. I would definitely wear one if I didn't draw attention to myself :P

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    2. It's a really cute backpack and I think other people will have backpacks too.

  4. I love your description of the first day of school! That's kinda how I feel sometimes! :) Love your blog!!


  5. I love your backpack! Mine is horrible, I have to get a new one today.
    Again, your blog is amazing (: